It is a pain to follow the Federal Circuit patent opinions even though every patent attorney tries to keep up with them.  We sometimes even need to present them at a lunch seminar once and a while.  However, the cases on the CAFC website are dense, sometimes irrelevant, and jumbled with other non-patent cases.  The point of this blog is to provide a quick briefing of the CAFC patent cases as they are released so they can be reviewed by practitioners.  The blog also acts as a database so you can search opinions in your area of interest.  I have dispensed with editing conventions such as ellipses and blue book citations to digest the case to its fundamentals as fast as possible– I mostly just cut and paste.  These briefs are NOT intended to be relied upon in legal arguments, but rather should viewed as a quick informative medium for further review.  I will try to provide a brief within 24 hrs of its release (usually sooner though).  I hope it is useful to you, and, if so, let me know.  I don’t get paid to do this, so your appreciation is how I derive value.

The observations and commentary are my own opinions and not intended as legal advice.

Best regards,

Allen Black, Ph.D., J.D.




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